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remove Videoscribe logo in 2.0

 How do I remove the Videoscribe logo from the canvas in version 2.0?

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I'm having the same problem, though I did figure out why, at least in my case, and I thought I'd share it here.

I paid for Videoscribe specifically so I could use it offline. I don't have internet access where I live. I'm only online for a limited time each week and don't want to time up my machine rendering videos.

However, when rendering offline, videoscribe always places the logo in the video. If I'm online, it doesn't. I wish this could be fixed.

Joe, you've got that spot on! It's because VideoScribe needs to check your subscription is still active and unless it can it will put the logo onto the video. If you allow it to check your subscription by logging in online it will remove the watermark.

Thanks, Barry. Is there a way such that Videoscribe can "remember" that I'm a licensed user for a fixed amount of time, such as 30 days between online logins so that I can render without the watermark when I'm offline? If not that would be my feature request!

I work in a remote location offline 3-4 days each week and I would love to return with already rendered videos so I can simply upload them to where they need to go.

Does the question make sense?

I was stuck in same case a couple of days ago then I consult with some developers who recommend me to contact best custom logo design service in order to fix the things related to logo as well as other design of the website.

It's certainly possible. If you would like to raise it as a feature request on that forum I will raise it in the request backlog. We will then be reviewed by the Product Team and also the more support it gets from the community the more seriously they will consider it.

Accomplished designers have to work to design a logo and this takes work. To design a logo, you need to invest time and effort. It is not equivalent to just playing on the computer for a few hours. Google

When I render the Videoscribe logo remains. I bought Videoscribe as a one-off subscription, but I would assume that counts as a Pro version, or does it? In case it doesn't then how can I change my one-time purchase to make it count as a Pro version?


Hi Axel,

If you close VideoScribe and open it again, log in, create a new scribe, add a single image from the VideoScribe image library and publish as a MOV/AVI/WMV file, does the logo appear in the bottom right corner on the rendered video?

That's odd. When I do as you suggest no logo appears on the rendered version. The forementioned scribe however is one that I made under a day ago long after I upgraded from free version, so I don't understand why the two scribes are different. The only difference between the two scribes is that in the first I used my own drawings and voiceover, and the one I just made I used an image from the library and no speak.

So now, if you load and render the scribe that was showing the logo, (after checking that a new one does not show it) does the same thing happen?

 No, the logo is gone now. Not sure why, but it's gone - thx :)

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