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Search not working

 Currently (8:55 PM EST July 5, 2014), the search bar will only return threads that have been updated within about the last 1-10 hours.

 (for me at least.)

If other members have the same problem, you can search by using google search and typing: <your question or keywords here>

-Mike (videoscribe user)

(search is still only returning results from about the last 24 hours)


Thanks Mike.

It seems to be working now?

If it goes wrong again we'll take another look..

Hi Ian,

No it is not working correctly. On July 5th it was only showing threads that had been active on that day. 

It still only returns threads that have been active on July 5th or later. Shouldn't it include all relevant threads in the search results?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Ian,

Search is just one of the many, many things that are not working for me. 

I cannot believe this forum is not exploding with complaints, is it just me?. 

I don't know where to begin to describe the things that are gonig wrong in version 2.0. 

Zooming only works in bounds and leaps of about 20% at a time. Trying to use the scroll function is no improvement. 

The timeline is just one big disaster, there are wholes where pictures should be, pictures overlap each other, pictures disappear. See attached examples, the first one shows a whole in the timeline and thew picture next to the monitor has disappeared. In the second, one of the pictures overlaps the edit functions of another one. 

Moving stuff around on the timeline is major frustration, sometimes when I finally succeed to move something to the right place it has changed places with the picture after it. 

Everytime you want to add a picture you end up in your infinitely expanding sea of favorites.

Selection using the shift key is just a random pick

There are just too many problems to sum them all up in this forum.

I wish the team had spent more time on testing videoscribe instead of redesiging a completely unnecessary new graphic interface and relocating all existing functionality. 


Thanks Mike.  We're on it now.

Rick: I can see you're frustrated. I think you're wanting to discuss something else as this post is about the search field *inside this forum* not working as it should.  If you would like to discuss features inside the program I would be happy to make your comments into a new topic or you could comment on another topic?

Yes Ian, I'm very sorry, but I am. 

Do whatever you want with my complaints, I don't mean to frighten away potential customers, because when VS works it's great, but I find it very strange that not more people are complaining. So the best thing you could do is tell me I've been very stupid and that I have installed stuff wrong or have the wrong settings or just need to re-install things, I don't know. I would be very willing to publically apologize and tell everybody how great VS is. 

Best regards, Rick. 

Hi Rick,

(EDIT: previous post has now been updated so my reply is no longer relevant)

I hope you are able to get help for the problems you mentioned.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


So, while we're all on here together...

1. The search inside the Community Forum is now fixed.  I'm trying to find out why it happened but the main thing is that it now works as expected.

2. Version 2.0.1 is now released.  It's fixes related to memory usage will have a positive affect on some timeline issues however we're not advertising timeline issues as resolved until the work we're releasing in version 2.0.2 is out (in the next few weeks)

I hope that helps you both

Momre details on the release are here - - when you're logged in. 

Sorry Mike, changed the post. 

@Ian 2.0.1 is a big relieve, much fewer issues on the timeline and they're usually solved by saving  the scribe and reopening it. Which made me notice another (big) problem, but I will start a new thread for that. 

Thanks for the feedback Rick

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