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Videoscribe iPhone and iPad App Question


2 Questions:

1.  I'm a Videoscribe Pro user.  Does my Pro account work with the iPhone and iPad apps or are there additional fees/accounts necessary for the mobile apps.

2.  I see that the iPhone app is being advertised as "free" right now but the iPad app is not free.  Are the apps different?  The iPhone app description says it is compatible with the iPad.  If I want to use Videoscribe on both my iPhone and iPad do I need 2 different apps - ie:  the free iPhone app and the paid iPad app?  Many of the apps I have now work on both devices so I'm confused as to whether the Videoscribe apps are device specific and different or if they also work on both devices.



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If you use the same account/login information for  the apps and the desktop version then you can share files saved online (the cloud) among them.

The apps have fewer features and fewer saving options than the desktop version but they can be handy for making edits while away from the office or home and then later you can do the final render of the video on the desktop version.

the features comparison list is here:

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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