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Brand still showing on VideoScribe Pro

 I purchased VideoScribe Pro, but the VideoScribe brand is still showing at the bottom of my projects.  Can anyone help me?

Hey Ruth,

Congrats on becoming a Pro :)

The logo always shows there,but it does not show when you render out! It is what it is and I guess Sparkol wants us all to know that it is there software after all :)
All we do is rent it out from them for a certain amount of time anyway, so I guess they are entitled to put what they want there. Hope it helps and happy Videoscribing...


Thanks, Benny!!  I am just learning -


I would love to see this removed completely for Pro users: what you see should be what you get when you export.

Hi Luke,

"Like" this suggestion thread to have the logo removed in future versions:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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