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Support ticketing

I have just had to post a question to have a scribe reviewed by Sparkol support staff, there appears to be an element stopping the export of a scribe. 

I would like to be able to send a support ticket to Sparkol support for these matters so I don't have to name scribes or post issues that the community cannot help with. 

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This is a good suggestion. In the old forums they used  to have a way to make your post "private" so only you and support could see it. That was one

Perhaps that could be added to the dropdown list:
-questions and answers
-private support request

-ideas and feature requests

For now I think you have to wait for support to reply and they will probably send you an email with a ticket number.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Click 'Contact us' below for the contact page. From there you can raise a private support ticket.

Thanks for that Gabriel, I always thought that "contact us" page below went to the same "contact us" page as on so I never bothered clicking on it. 

Now that I know it is different that helps. Possibly rewording that little section may help avoid confusion as I know other users have thought the same thing as I did. 

Thanks again,


I am trying to raise a ticket regarding charge of  $198 on 8/16,2016 - I did not want renewal, but cannot reach you -- have tried and tried.  submit button on the raise a ticket does not work!!


Hi Cherie,

I can see that you have successfully submitted a support ticket and we have responded.

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