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Love what the program does but unfortunately I hate it too


I credit you with a program that does what I would like it to do and to my knowledge nobody does it as well.

Ctrl z - doesn't work well enough for undo.

When it crashes I have to reboot because it wont let me log in again. It crashes to often. I have not managed to use the brush effect yet.

But I have to say (and it is only my opinion). I have developed and managed PC/Mac and Unix (and even Android)  software development for over 30 years mainly for banks and for loads of money. I have written for national computer magazines - reviewed software. I have lost count on how many products I have been in charge of developing. I have to tell you the program drives me mad - insane - like no other! It is like treading on egg shells because it is unforgiving if you make a mistake. It is so unintuitive. The way it works reminds me of programs in the late eighties. 

Here is my offer. I am happy to shape the design of this application going further for something off my subscription..



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I have similar feelings. I am a very big fan of version 1.3.26, and the company, and the staff.  I tried to love 2.0 too, but I can't... yet.

In my opinion V2.0 should have started with everything that was in 1.3.26, and ADDED some new features and a superficial graphic makeover. (without losing anything)

But instead it seems to have lost a number of conveniences and it suffers from many seemingly arbitrary changes which range from "seemingly pointless" to "downright frustrating". Even ignoring actual bugs, I find it to be a step backwards unfortunately.
However, I'm hoping it will regain some of the lost ground with the next update!

Until then, I'm still using 1.3.26 for my actual work (and 2.0 for troubleshooting and testing)

You can uninstall version 2.0 and install version 1.3.26, but be aware that any scribes you made in version 2.0 will not open in 1.3.26

((EDIT- new links explaining how to uninstall:))



download either version here:

(normal uninstalls should not affect your saved scribes, but if you use third-party hard drive cleanup programs, they may erase your local scribes. Save a copy of your scribes online for extra safety.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

ME TOO!!!  The drawing component changes are horrible - converting a JPG to a nicely drawn object looked really sexy in previous version, now its blobby and plain trashy. There are 6 options, and frankly, none of them are credible. I feel like posting a youtube video of the comparison - I agree that major features CANNOT be taken away when customers depend on them. My gut feeling is that SPARKOL hired a bunch of schoolkids who came up with these cheap and fast image constructions thinking they were cool. They are not and I have no choice but to go back to the previous version which I am very distressed I did not keep. I was on the edge of making a second directory and uploading the new version so I had both, but I was concerned about how the programmers might end up confusing windows operating system ....

There are many good features in V2 - but the image rendering abortion is enough to stop me using version 2 and I will have to go back to old versions of my work and reload version 1. Very sad indeed.


I agree. I rendered a video using 2.0 and I can't even imagine a client accepting it. It looks like a 2 year old scribbling , then the image just appears. And I understand this is not a defect. It is by design. Bad idea, Sparkol. Horrible.

I agree - I just renewed my subscription, and honestly I wish I hadn't.

I LOVED how the previous version worked... wish I could go back to it!!

I tried to import an image - simple black and white TEXT logo - and it tried to add all sorts of fuzz around it (even though there is none).

I've been testing out Explaindio - and while I USED to like Videoscribe (hence why I renewed) - frankly the fact that they took out the ability to make some adjustments makes me ready to just stick with explaindio (one off license).

And here I thought I'd just stick with videoscribe... probably not.


Well I took a hiatus from Sparkle for the past couple of months - I was on a roll and I made a lot of really useful videos. Interestingly, If I import the images I used in my original scribes, they render nicely like they always used to. Now they look like a 3 year old's scribble and are totally useless. Its such a pity, that good ideas seem to disappear when new versions appear. The current implementation of drawing a jpg is simply not acceptable if you ever used an earlier version. I paid my $575 for lifetime membership but I too am starting to look around at alternatives......I understand that updates sometimes lose features, but this one seems so basic to me - its an algorithm for Pete's sake, and only one of 6 - so put it back so its one of 7!! I use it mainly for drawing people's faces when I do training videos...and what comes up now is just not useful. I have some excellent examples of the previous version that are really striking,

Amber and JP,

Just a reminder that you CAN  still use the old version (1.3.26).
I'm still using it for most of my work.
It is still the best version in my opinion (although the arrival of animated gifs in 2.1is pretty cool and balances out some of the shortcomings).

You can uninstall version 2.0.x and install version 1.3.26, but be aware that any scribes you made in version 2.0 will not open in 1.3.26

((EDIT- new links explaining how to uninstall:))



download either version here:

(normal uninstalls should not affect your saved scribes, but if you use third-party hard drive cleanup programs, they may erase your local scribes. Save a copy of your scribes online for extra safety.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike,

I actually just posted a question to support about reverting to the older version.

Your link doesn't exist, says not found :(

As for losing my new scribes, doesn't matter, I can't do what I want so I haven't bothered saving, it imports horribly.

Been working with the other system but while it's great in some ways, it has other annoying limitations (like you can't change a background color, only add an image. eesh.).

I'm on a time crunch, yet stuck between a rock and a hard place today.



I've updated my previous posts to point to's new FAQ threads

If you are talking about changing the canvas color in version 1.3.26, when you have a scribe open, the gear/cog icon at the top of the canvas offers hand and paper options including colors.

(or maybe you were talking about a different program.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I let my subscription expire in March 2014, then renewed again last week for a client project. Unfortunately the only usable version is still 1.3.26. But at least that works! 

I agree totally. 

A lovely application ... when it works, which unfortunately is too infrequently. I'm with you on the 'walking on egg-shells' .... I haven't tried to use a piece of software so flakey for decades. When it works ... awesome!

However, I'm not sure it's worth the 40second spinning wheel of death for every 5 seconds of work...

I follow these tips and I have no freezes or crashes:
TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

They may help other users who are experiencing problems with any version of videoscribe.

(I'm still using 1.3.26 for most of my work.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That love hate has been going on for sometime now. We blame the software but I keep wondering about the developers at sparkol. When Video scribe first came out it was a big splash even with its limited features because no other software could do what it did. Time passes and the only savior since the initial excitement has been 1.3.26. Everything else has been a huge disappointment. Poorly designed, lost features that were part of 1.3.26 that are  gone, etc. Sorry Sparkol, but we pay good money (I bought a year subscription) and get very little in return. Actually, what we got was Sparkol raising their prices. UNBELIEVABLE.

So I'm still a user of 1.3.26  as many are. It makes no sense to come out with a new version, add features that don't work as advertised and take away some of the features that worked well. Even 1.3.26 has some minor bugs, but Sparkol new versions were such disappointments and are bug ridden that 1.3.26 bugs are minor compared to anything else that has been released.

So when I read the hype for every new version that comes out, I don't get excited any more. I test it, and believe me I want it to surpass anything Sparkol has put out, but usually it is the opposite, and within a week of testing I'm back to 1.3.26. You just don't have the time to deal with the new versions lousy performance of drawing raster images, 30FPS is gone, constant crashes and a time line that indeed is something out of the 80s. So what if the new version can add animated means nothing if it doesn't work well or other features keep crashing around it.

Like Mike said. I wish they would start with 1.3.26 as their base for minimum  requirements and add only one or two features that worked well. But I know that won't happen.

Life goes on


  1. Interesting perspective. Here is my take. When I looked at the earliest tutorials, they were done by a couple of people who seemed dedicated and gave me confidence that development of new features was their goal. Then version two came up - and what did I note? in the background were a whole bunch of people playing on their computers....and I wondered - Hey don't tell me they are the ones creating the ideas verion 2 comes out - some nice features for sure, but some key features gone. Kids who simply didn't understand why a user like certain features...
  2. This happens when a small development team expands to a large development team. Now the leadership are letting less experienced people (and people who mostly see this as a job not a passion for an idea) and features get lost because new people simply dont understand why they were there in the first place. Over the past 30 years, I have beta tested lots of heavy duty software and have made the observation many times. New team members who never actually used the software to achieve something, frequenly did not undertand the mindset of the enduser. The solution perhaps is make new developers become experts in a package before you allow them to change features....I know that's not a very realistic perspective if you are paying these people lots of $$ to develop....but that is my read. Perhaps when the competition (who must be reading all the discussion on Sparkol) create a better package, Sparkol will respond.

Free food/purchased ping-pong.

The fundamental truth for software developers is ALWAYS the same IMHO.

Do not worry about how "expert" a developer is in a tool/package/suite. Developers have to understand HOW the product is being used by customers, and their customers. Get them in front of real users, people at the coal face, people who have BOUGHT the product, and get them to see WHY it fails, or annoys people, rather than justifying the "newness" or "radical-ness" of the change they are trying to introduce.

Dev teams need to develop a product for a purpose - the code is not the end-game. I too have worked with a large number of beta programmes, and this seems to come up again and again. 

A workflow (for example) may be "sexy" and "cool", but if it adds 2 hours to a project, and therefore 2 hours to my invoice, my clients do not want that "cool" and "sexy" - it is of no benefit to them, at all.

From posts here and on the blog, I do believe the Sparkol Dev team get that concept, and are making changes (such as the Dev process already posted) to address that, but it has to be an over-riding principle. Not everything in the camp is always rosy.

For example, I still detest the whole file saving mechanism with a vengeance. I do not love Videoscribe because it has a sexy save and storage mechanism, (we already have a great one that has served us all very well for 30 years...). It does not need changing. I love Videoscribe for the way I can do things that my clients thought were beyond their reach.

Do not forget HOW your users do things in the real, rapid cut and thrust world of business life. Do not try to change things just because it is clever. Only change them if it actually makes us all go forward - together.

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