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Version 2 morphed images do not clear

I morphed am image and the previous image will not clear even though the clear box is checked.

Hi John, sorry you have this issue.
My initial suggestion would be to delete and add the images again, then retry to see if this works.
Also be advised that if it disappear and comes back after you finished previewing a scribe, this is normal behaviour to allow you to make edits again.

It is not a problem we have had reported in version 2.0 before so we will probably need to investigate this if the above advice does not resolve.

If you can save a copy of the Scribe to the online directory and raise a support ticket using this link -

Thanks, Joe

I downloaded this piece of software to test it in order to see if deserves to be bought.

I have same issues as the user that signaled it in 2014.

How can I pay for it if it still has this bug?

I noticed some other bugs too...

I actually had great hope seeing this app...

But I am disappointed 


since only one person mentioned this problem in the last 5 years, and then did not post any follow up questions, it is likely that they figured out what they were doing wrong.

You should probably attach a .scribe file if you want help diagnosing the problem. It is likely that you are doing something incorrectly.

Hi all,

I am having this same issue with version 3.4, which I downloaded today.  I am using the Outline Characters in the images library & am trying to morph between characters.  I am attaching the file for your review.

The outline characters are just fills with reveal strokes (they are created in a different way to most of the Library) and so they won't actually work with Morph.

Ahhhh - ok, thanks!  I'll change my graphics.  It's good to learn that now when I'm just starting this project :-)

Not totally true. After I started a new project, using the same images for morphing, it worked. So it is not about the images we are using. The cause should be somewhere else.

 If you attach a .scribe file showing the problem, it will be easier for users or customer support to help you identify what is actually causing the problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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