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Installing new software

After downloading new software I got this.....  what is going on?

Should I install anyway? or Did your site get hacked?

VideoScribe.msi is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it.

Recover malicious file     Remove from list

I doubt that there is any malicious content, but you may want to read more about how Chrome makes that determination, and how likely it is to give false positives. Also be aware that Google chrome has been known to do things like... block YOUTUBE (which is owned by Google)

...and apparently it is notoriously picky with EXE and MSI files.

Support may be able top shed more light on this subject.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Rob, 

This is the first I have heard of that happening.

There are no viruses or threats in the software.

What you could do if you want to be sure is to download the software and then scan it with an Anti-Virus program before installing it.

If you have Anti-Virus software installed, you can right click on any file on your computer and select the scan option which will advise 

you if there are any threats contained in the file.

Thanks, Joe

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