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Importing SVG library easily (RR-783)

It will be great to import the SVGstudio libraries directly to access them just as native libraries. Once theese new libraries will be dowloaded, we shall navigate easily between their images, and very quickly.

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Hi Luc, If your SVG library is in a compressed (zipped) VideoScribe version 2.0 will allow you to view the images within VideoScribe via the import image option (folder icon).

Thanks, Joe

Yes you can import the zip file but you cannot search them or find them again after that initial import. I wish this was also fixed Luc! 

I thought that all the new images would be added to the library. I gather that is not the case? It seems that I can click on the zip file and the images pop up for use but immediately disappear when I back out. Is there no way to save them to the library? The library looks barren but there are all those images out there on my computer.

I'd love to know the answer before I make our IT department crazy!

Hi, Unfortunately you cannot import videos on mass into your library. You can import the .ZIP and preview the images draw (right click - preview image) but they will only stay in your library once you have selected them and added them to a scribe.

It would be great to be able to import large groups of images all at once and for these imports to be searchable.

Surely, i love sparkol/videoscribe. I saw many people are asking about how to add image on base folder, but sadly no response till now on.


Yes! I'm really sick of this hunt of custom svgs again and again to import in VS, this really frustrates me.There should be an option to import .zip (like we can do) and save it within our library with a custom folder name at least for the pro users! please implement this in future updates.

this iss ues was presented over 2 years ago.  This seems to be a practical/intuitive process to be able to import multiple graphics at once.   I am wondering how much of the team actually use the software as its intended?  Create a story board and see how frustrating it is to have to go one at a time to bring in a dozen...or a hundred different images :(

Whats the maximum size of the .Zip file that can be imported ? I am unable to view my imported files

There is no set maximum size but there may be issues with zip files containing large numbers of SVGs (this only works for SVG images).

How many images do you have in your zip file? What is the size of the zip file?

If you break the zip file into smaller zip files, are you able to import a smaller one?

Would love to be able to import and SAVE those imported images into a library. I'd be happy to even be able to import one at a time and build my own library that way.... some option to add to a library without first having to add the image to a scribe would be a HUGE plus for VideoScribe.

I think some folks may not be aware that you can literally create your own custom library on your hard drive. Just categorize groups of SVG images into zip files, and you can view the images in the zip files exactly the same way you would view category folders in the videoscribe library. No uploading or importing is required.

For example, make a zip file of cars, a zip file of sports stuff, a zip file of social media images, etc.
Name your zip files appropriately and put them all in an easily accessible folder on your hard drive.
When you open the image import window in videoscribe, just navigate to the correct folder on your hard drive, and select any of those zip files, the images inside will be displayed just like regular library images.

It looks like it works with SVG images and PNG images. I haven't tried the other file types, but they may work as well.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


A reference number of RR-783 has been given to this feature request by our developers. It will be considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.

We have a help page with more info on this as well now - View images from a ZIP file in VideoScribe

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