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Explain new buttons

The eye button (at the right of the timeline) could be explained, as some others buttons (with help text ?) When we have understood, it becomes an evidence, but not before.

Thanks Luc.

Help text is included in version 2.0.1 which was released this week.

YAY help text! I feel a little more peaceful each time Ian mentions it!

also, here's a link to the version 2.0 training manual:

version 2.0 worksheets


"help text"


Hi Ian,

Today I’ve tried again to use the CTRL-button on mac (with the last 2.0.2 Videosribe version)… And the bug is still there ! Impossible to select and move anything correctly before quitting and launching VS again.

An other bug found out this morning : a text can’t be rotated (without using the setting box and unter a number - not easy to choose with precision), as an image.

2 other questions :

1. Is it possible to use librairies ont the computer, as in v.1.3 ? Because with v.2, each image needs to import all library list and thumbnails, even if we want to select a new image in the same librairy as the last one, and……… it’s…… toooooooooooooo…… lonnnnng…… to work well.

2. A few monthes ago, I downloaded some SVG libraries from your site. How can I integrate them just as VS other libraries, to let them appear in the same list ?

Thank you for all !


Hi Luc, thanks for getting in touch.

Sounds like you need support rather than an idea.

If you're having issues with the operation of VideoScribe, please raise a support ticket and we can investigate for you.

Setting up your Apple mouse or trackpad to avoid the Ctrl-click issue

You can set your Apple mouse or trackpad up so that it right clicks thus avoiding issues related to using the ctrl button.

To set up your mouse:

1. Go to “System Preferences”

2. Click “Mouse” or “Trackpad”

3. Click “Secondary click” so the checkbox has a tick in it



Your mouse or trackpad is now set up to right click.

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