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First use of trial

 Just started a free trial. Downloaded and installed ok. On first start it is trying to access the internet to download content. I have verified my connection but VS can't update.


check out this Instant Answer (FAQ) link:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi John,

If the link that Mike included didn't help then can you create a new support question using this link - and we will investigate further



I am having the same problem. it gets to 8/36 and then stops and starts showing messages about what VS can do. I have left it running overnight but still no joy. 

I am running VS with full Admin rights and the internet connection is running fine - any ideas?



Hi Martin,

Sorry you have this problem.

If you have checked your permissions and internet connection are fine generally it will be down to security settings such as firewall or Anti-virus 

not allowing the connection to our servers to complete the update.

If you have checked this and still have an issue, please can you raise a ticket using this link -

Thanks, Joe

I have a problem in my android phone it just shows download content and no other option plz solve it
Just like this

We have 2 apps currently available on our Android Google Play store and these are VideoScribe Now and Tawe

when I want to sign in I have trouble with this sentence "you need a sparkol PRO account to use videoscribe.only take advantage of the trial once"

please give me a solution

That is usually the message you will see if you have used a free trial and it has expired, or if someone else has already used a free trial on the computer you are using, or if you are using an account that does not currently have an active PRO subscription.

The usual solution is to pay for a pro subscription. if you have one, make sure you are using the correct login information, and make sure that your payments are up to date

link: ACCOUNT page

-Mike (videoscribe user)


@Gita, Mike is right with that one. In your case your 7 day free trial has now expired and you would need to purchase a subscription to access VideoScribe

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