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freezes right at the end of the rendering process

I am trying to publish this project and it goes all the way thru the project till the very end it says no time remaining or only a few seconds left and then freezes.  I need to get this rendered asap.

I attached the file for review.

Hi Sean

We are having some problems reported by some users when publishing to wmv files. We are working on a fix for this and it will be released soon.

I published your scribe to a mov file and it was fine so could you try that? You can always convert the mov file to another format with something like Freemake Video Converter

If that doesn't help then please get back to us.


Same is happening with me - would also like help with this image change.   The entire  render freezes.  I have nothing after 20 minutes.


Can you try rendering as MOV and let us know how you get on?


Same is happing to me, could you pleae help me?

I cannot download the scribe in nay format, I cannot share it Youtube or Facebook. I can not download it in power point.

Hi Hazal,

I am creating a support question for you so that we can talk directly


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