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Business license

HEllo there, in our department we produce e-learning videos for internal use (only for our staff). Do we get into any copyright troubles with that? What kind of license do we need if 3 colleagues work with videoscribe at a time and what does it cost in Euro? Do you have some kind of Sales Department I could contact?

Cheers, Claudia

Hi Claudia,

We do have a sales department wand business rates for purchasing multiple licences

Please see this link to view prices or press the purchase now button to apply for a quote -

As a Pro user you will be licenced to use your videos for internal use.

If 3 people need to work on VideoScribe at the same time, you will need 3 licences.

You can export scribe file if you need to store them in one place e.g. each account has it's own project directory.

Thanks, Joe

Thanks, Joe.

Is the business license also valid for external use, e.g. advertising?

Do you also have a contact person in your sales department? Our company is quite old-fashioned and won't buy software off the internet without a contact person.

Thanks, Claudia

Hi Claudia,

Yes, it is valid for external use as well.

The contact in sales would be Naomi who can be contacted here


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