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Not able to upload my video in Youtube

I am on the last day of free trial, and I am not able to upload my video on Youtube or Facebook. Please look into the matter ASAP. That video is very important for me, 

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I don't know how to solve that problem. But if nothing works, consider using a screencast program like activepresenter to capture the video and upload it manually.

Hi Piyush, sorry you're having issues.

Can you give more details to your problem e.g. what is happening when you go to share, is it getting stuck somewhere any error messages?

You may need to follow the advice in this link when uploading to Youtube -

This issue may be related to a known bug and the work around's, can be found here -

Thanks, Joe

Its getting stuck in between after loading for a few minutes. When I am trying to upload it on YouTube, it shows creating video and after some time it gets stuck on the same page. Please do something ASAP, that video is very important for me. I am going to present it in an international conference. Today is the last day of my free trial of VideoScribe.

Hi Piyush, are you able to try rendering is as a Power point file and does this work?

If sent to Youtube then the render has been complete so may be an issue with Youtube reading the file.

I will raise a ticket for this to look into it further.

Thanks, Joe

I am neither able to render it as a power point presentation neither as Facebook Video. Its getting stuck at a specific point ever time. Please help. Its urgent.

Hi Piyoush, 

As advised I have raised a ticket.

Please check your email inbox.

Thanks, Joe

Hello Joe I am very happy and satisfied with the customer service. The efficiency towards problem solving and concern for the customers is appreciable. Kudos to the Video Scribe team. As adviced, I have saved my scribe on the online dictionary. You can have a look at it. Thanks in anticipation.


I uploaded a scribe on youtube, working on the free trial. When the file plays, the audio and the video are not synchronised as they were in the originial file before publishing. 

How do I overcome this problem? 


I rendered my video and chose to upload it on youtube. It did tell me that my video has been published to youtube but I cant see the video on my channel. This has happened twice already.

What can I do for it to come on youtube? 

i am not able to upload my scribe on youtube or in facebook, it says, the details you provided are wrong plz help me, this video is very important for me 


1) Create a youtube account,

2) create a channel,

3) make sure the channel is "verified" by email

related solution:

for facebook, also make sure your account is created.

Also make sure you provide the precise error message.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi! I am currently using a free trial in order to complete an assignment for class. The video is suppose to be uploaded to youtube. However this is the second time I have tried to upload it and it appears to get stuck like this. There is no hint that it is even uploading. I have gone through all the steps previously mentioned. Such as verifying my youtube page. The 10min scribe I made though, still appears to not be uploading. Is this normal?

When you get to the page in your screenshot open up task manager and look for the VideoScribe.exe entry and check if it is using the network resource.

If there is activity here then the video is being uploaded. A ten minute scribe will probably take a while to upload as the file is going to be large.

I follow all the instruction.. My YouTube channel is verified and still can't upload the video. I need the video tomorrow.. I would not recommend this to my friend.. It is wasting my time to edit the video. I am so disappointed. It ends nothing!!!!! TSK3

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