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Rendering Hangs at last few seconds - Ver 2.0

When rendering at 720P .WMV, my Scribe file fails to complete the rendering in the last few seconds of the process.  I actually think it renders the video to a temp file; but, fails when copying to the specified location.

Adding an element allowed completion.  But, adding several new elements in the middle of the scribe caused it to fail again.

I trying the rendering again and saving it to the desktop to see if pathing is an issue.  I love the versatility of the product; but, a videoscribe without the video isn't too useful.  :)

Third Failed attempt

Again, when attempting rendering, it appears to complete the rendering only to hang and fail at 8 seconds.

As much as one can be certain without being the developer, it seems clear that rendering has completed; but, the step to copy the temporary file to a permanent one cannot be completed.  Perhaps the temporary file is corrupted.  In any case, I've attached an image of the dialog.


There is no sound or morphed images.

The scribe is online and called MOI3D Intro2

version 2.0 known bugs and workarounds

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Tom, sorry you have this issue.

Sounds like if the rendering is stopping at a certain point is a known issue when rendering as a .WMV file.

Can you try rendering as a .MOV or .FLV file instead?

Thanks, Joe

I am trying that immediately.  :)


Hi tom, great to hear if you do have problems and need to raise a ticket, you can via this link -

I successfully rendered to FLV.  At least it completed; but, it's not a useful format for my needs.

For now, until the WMV issue is fixed, I can publish to a PNG sequence.  It's easy enough to complete the final video using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 with an import setting between ,033s to ,066s.  I've settled on .05s for each sequence.

This is not all bad because the timing can then be refined in the Sony software itself for absolute control of the flow.

While it's much easier to go directly to WMV from Sparkol, it is not a "show stopper" issue for me.  I anticipate creating even more effective 3D design training for the at-risk kids I teach!


Hey Tom, thanks for getting back to me.

Great to hear you're using the PNG sequence, do not normally mention it unless people advise they are using video editing software.

It is quite handy isn't it?

We hope to have an interim version that addresses the WMV issue soon.

Thanks, Joe

I was certain that we wouldn't have to wait too long for a fix.  But, since your options allow excellent work arounds, we'll just keep on creating new content and experimenting with new ways to use VideoScribe for our readers and students.  :)


Thanks Tom, and I just saw your recent post for an alternative to WMV.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!


I uploaded the scribe that had repeatedly failed to the cloud.

I then downloaded Sparkol onto a different computer, downloaded the scribe and successfully rendered.

I don't know if today's Sparkol was different than the one on my primary machine or if the machines themselves made the difference.  But, I did manage to get a rendering to WVM from Sparkol.  :)


Hi Tom,

The wmv issue only affects some people and with your experiences I think it is possibly related to both the scribe and the computer.

The fix is being tested and will be available soon.



I had no issues with a new scribe last night on the computer that had issues previously. 

Love this product!


I have installed the latest version and it  hangs when saving to a wmv file - this is very poor quality software - it has been no end of problems to me

Hi Timmy, sorry if you have this issue.

There is advice on this thread to try another rendering option.

Have you tried this?

If you have and still encounter the same problem, please raise a support ticket and we will be happy to investigate it for you.

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