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How to set the resolution for svg files in v2?

Hi all,

how can i change the resolution of imported svg files?

I have a Problem with very unsharp Pictures when i zoom in.

In the last version of the Sparkol Desktop Software i could set the resolution p.e. to 1000px so i have more possibilities to zoom in.

Where is this Option in v2 of the Desktop Software?

Thank you



I think that changing the size/quality of individual elements is one of the many features that have mysteriously disappeared in version 2.0

Hopefully it will be brought back.

I think that you can now only change the global settings from the default (400?) to a higher number. with all scribes closed, click the cog/gear icon in the lower right corner and change "default image quality"

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

thank you, found it.


Hi Nicolai, 

There is now one setting for image quality and the default quality has been scaled up to 800px as a default.

If you click on the settings icon on the home/projects page you can this if you choose to.

Thanks, Joe


I still got a problem with the quality. I draw my files in Illustrator and export them as SVGs. It works very well. But out of mystirious reasons some are just blurry. I draw them the same size and export them with the exact same settings. When I import them in VideoScribe they are much smaller than the others. By enlarge them the quality get really bad.

What can I do about that? Shouldn't vectors be free from quality loss?


attach one of the problem images if you want customer support to look at it. It is probably importing with a a large amount of empty space around it due to a white background, invisible path or clipping path.

the solution is usually to delete all unused layers, hidden layers, masks and clipping paths, and save it using the settings described in this thread: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

videoscribe uses a combination of vector art and raster placeholder images, so it is important to build your SVGs in the way that will work best.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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