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can't save videoscribe

 I made a videoscribe at home entitled Sample Davie Complete on version 2. I tried to save the scribe in the cloud, and it came out without the voice over. I tried to save the scribe as a scribe file on a key, and it also came out sans the voice over. Please advise!!!! I need to work on this on a different computer!

Debbie, sorry you had this issue.

I have had a look at the online scribe and the Audio file is there although there seems to be an issue with it as the audio is corrupted.

Can you confirm if your local copy has the same issue as the online copy?

Did you notice any issues when you were recording the Voice over?

Thanks, Joe

It opens up fine from the program. I tried saving it as a sribe file, and it doesn't open. 

Thanks for the Update Debbie, Can you try and save it online with a different name and let me know the name of it?

I want to confirm if this issue is repeatable.

Thanks, Joe

It's called Davie for Test. 

Hi Debbie,

I think the audio is corrupted as the scribe will only load if I remove the audio.

I can update your online directory with the scribe and audio removed but I cannot get the audio file to load at all I'm afraid.

Let me know if you want to do this.

Thanks, Joe

I'm not sure what you want to do, but I guess it's okay. 

Do you have any idea why the sound was corrupt? 

Hi Debbie, I have saved the scribe after removing the Audio to your online directory.

When you record a VO within VideoScribe it converts from one file type to another.

There may have been an issue during this conversion or possibly when saving the scribe file.

This is not very common at all and I don't expect it to happen again if you re-record the voice over.

Thanks, Joe

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