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Saving Scribes

I understood that V2 would include improvements to the saving operations. There is no easy way to save as you go, no "command-S" for example. Each time I save, I have to reestablish the name of the scribe, which is nowhere to be seen on the screen, meaning I also have to remember what I called it. I also have to redirect it every time to the folder I want to save it in (which is not the Base Folder).

Save and Undo have been available as single key commands in computer programs for decades now. Why aren't basic key commands like Save and Undo incorporated into the app? This is a computer app, not a toy (isn't it?).



CTRL+S (possibly command+s on a mac) used to work in version 1.3.26 I believe. However, you are correct that it seems to have been removed in version 2.0!

The good news is that CTRL+z (possibly command+z on a mac) provides multiple undos in the desktop program.

 If you are using the ipad app I'm not sure about that.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike.

Command-Z (Mac) doesn't seem to have any effect in V2, desktop. Neither do Cut Copy Paste commands, although they appear in the Edit menu, and they flash when I type them.


Hi Steven

(note I've moved this post into 'questions and answers' so we get notified of updates here!)

Version 2.0.1 is now released which has ctrl+s save back

'Command+...' has been found to be replaced by 'ctrl+...' in some circumstances.  This, along with the Cut Copy Paste commands, are with development now.

I hope that helps

Thanks Ian! :)


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