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not uploading video

hey ,videoscribe is not uploading videos ,it's video creating is over and it's just saying more few minutes but it has been long time but still it's the same message....

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Yes, I have turned in this a detailed ticket as well. No matter what video, it does not allow you to render in any format wmv, mov, fl - I have not tried JPG or PNG- as I need it to be ready for youtube mostly.

Can you guys let us know if you have a update? I need to put this out no later then Sunday AM (MDT) for a church service.

Thanks for any help you can give me today.

I did change the name of the file, saved as a different name, took out the numbers and still the same, it will not upload and convert from a scribe to a upload format. Do you think I can take the scribe and convert using a 3rd party conversion of video? I guess I will try since I really don't have any other options.

I am having same issue. h e l p!!!

The best way to proceed is probably to save the file online and tell support the name so they can look at the scribe.

Or export the scribe and attach the .scribe file here so other users can look at it.

There are known problems saving to WMV and powerpoint. Saving to MOV may provide better results until thos issues are resolved.

Other more general problems that cause freezing or crashing while opening, saving or rendering can be found this thread:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Rony, sorry you're having this issue.

As Mike has pointed out there is a known issue when tryign to render as WMV. It does not happen on every scribe attempt and we are working on a solution for this issue.

As a Pro user, You could try and render as .Mov or FLV.

I think Danti's issue may be different if he cannot render in any format and we will investigate it as a ticket has been raised.

Thanks, Joe

Well,actually i think there is no doubt that there is an technical issue while uploading the video but i think there is one more situation to be looked into because when i tried to upload the video with some foreign clip art images and i was not able to do that but when i tried to upload it with just the predefined images that worked normally and my video was successfully uploaded!!!!!! so i think the videoscribe technical team should look into this matter also....

Hi Rony,

You mention upload, are you talking about uploading the scribe e.g. to Youtube/Facebook or creating a video from the file?

Did you try the original as a .Mov or .FLV render?

Thanks, Joe

ya i am talking about the uploading to youtube/facebook,well i didn't tried .mov or .flv but i tried with.wmv

Hi Rony,

If you could save your scribe online - the one with the foreign clipart images and let us know the name we can take a look and see why that didn't upload.



I am trying to upload to prezi and it just says "processing" then quits.  I have tried it as an MOV file as well as a FLV file.  Any advice?

File size?

Prezi's website says they don't recommend trying to import video files larger than 50 MB

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am unable to upload a 17 minute video to youtube  as well, Frustrating!

Blames the Internet....

I did manage small videos.

As suggestedearlier in this thread, save your project to the cloud folder and tell support the name so they can look at it.

17 minutes is very long for a scribe. I'd recommend breaking it up into 3 shorter scribes and even then you have to really be careful with your image preparation and camera settings.

also: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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