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I Found a Scribe Log to be Helpful

 Consistency can be difficult in a large Scribe project.  Things like making sure the same arm is used for drawing, moving and erasing are easier if we use a log to document the type of arm used for each scene.

I've created a Word document/template that I've found to be helpful.  Bring it into Word and save as a template to use whenever needed.

I hope you also find it useful.

It can either be printed as is and filled in by hand (preferably pencil) or in filled in Word, itself.

The columns are:



Type - Text  (Use "X" or checkmark)

Type - Image  ("Use "X" or checkmark)

Type - Shape  ("Use X" or checkmark)

Action - Draw  (Use "X" or checkmark)

Action - Move (Use "X" or checkmark)

Action - Morph (Use "X" or checkmark)

Time - Animate

Time - Pause

Time - Trans

Arm - Page

Arm - Row

Arm - Col

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