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Timing not always respected

 I have a VideoScribe that essentially repeats the same 4 step process across 4 topics.  I use the same timing for each element of the process; but, for some reason the review results are not performed consistently.

While nominally the timings are the same, the actual playback timing is different for each topic. during preview.

I am attaching a "Scribe Log" that I've created to help with maintaining consistency,

I thought, perhaps, that it had something to do with the difference between pause and transition; but, reversing these values doesn't seem to help.


If you save your scribe online and tell support the name of it, or export the scribe file and attach it here, or provide a link to a youtube video... it may be easier for support or other users to understand the symptom you are describing.

Based on your document, it seems like each set should take 5 seconds to animate, 1.5 seconds for pauses and 3 seconds to move to the next camera location.
However, I don't know how you have done your camera settings  and I don't know what you are seeing when you render the video or watch the preview/review.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Tom, Joe here from Sparkol support.

Generally the playback will match the timing settings on your Scribe.

There could possibly be an issue reading a particular element in the timeline causing a delay.

If you playback again, do you notice a slow down at a particular point in the scribe?
Try removing this item and adding it again and check if there is a difference?

If you still have problems, you can raise a support ticket as Mike has suggested and we can take a look at the scribe if you save it online.

Thanks, Joe 

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