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Trying to Publish - with the free trial

I just created my first scribe and I would like to publish it so I can send it into my company as a prototype.  However, when I click publish and select the file icon on the far left to create a video,  I get a message that "cannot export to file with the trial version".  I ahve WMV and 640 as my settings.  What am I missing?


I also cannot save it ot PPT or YouTube.  When I choose those options, it just leaves me a blank screen and says "preparing video information" but doesn't do any thing.


I hope someone can help.





Hi Dewi,

Sorry that you are having a problem exporting your scribe. Please save the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon), open a support ticket, let us know the name of the scribe and we can take a look for you.

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