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Videoscribe for iPad

 I downloaded the program on my iPad air 16 Gb but the program crashes repeatedly. I get the idea that my memory is to low for this application. Is there a usermanual available specific for the iPad?

The tutorials available here are not specifically for the iPad but the fundamentals of VideoScribe work the same on the iPad and the Desktop version with a few exceptions like right clicking is not available on an iPad.

How much free space have you got on your iPad now that VideoScribe has been loaded?

When you say that the app crashes repeatedly is that when you are doing something specific in the app? Or is it with one specific scribe maybe?


I deleted some documents and other big files on my iPad. Now I have 6 Gb available and it is working well. I had one problem with Dropbox. As I did not have a Dropbox subscription, but I chose that option in the app, there was no way for me to stop the program. Therefor I had to de-install Videoscribe and reinstall it again. After signing up at Dropbox this problem also did not occur anymore.

Thanks for the link to the tutorials, that gave me a lot of info. I now know much more on how to use the app.



Great feedback Herman.  Thanks for sharing

In ipad this app camera set position option not show, if you know this problem solution share with me please

You cannot set the camera position in the VideoScribe Anywhere app

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