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voice over doesn't come out when I save in the cloud

 When I save my video in the cloud and open it on a different computer, the voice over sounds like a lion roaring. This has happened twice.

Hi Debbie

Sorry if you have had a problem with this.

Could you let me know which scribe is having this issue and I will try and replicate here?



Hi Debbie,
"if you saved a scribe online from one computer and then opened it on a DIFFERENT computer or device and the audio seems to be missing (or sounds wrong), that was a known bug in version 1. (EDIT: apparently that is considered to be fixed in version 2, so this may not be a valid solution) Download the scribe from your online-scribes page on the videoscribe website and save it to your computer as a .scribe file. Then import it manually (instead of opening the online file)."

from audio problems thread:
(This answer applies to version 1.3.26 but may apply to other versions as well.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


thanks Mike, though it's just version 1 - we've fixed that :)

Sorry, Ian, but it was with version 2 -- and very, very frustrating! 


Hi Debbie,

If you can let us know which scribe you are having this problem with then we can investigate further 


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