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How long can a voice-over be in videoScribe?

I'm wondering how long VideoScribe will record a voice-over in it's program directly - without using Audacity or an outside source?  Is there a cut off at a certain length?  I am creating a presentation for the Ministry of Ed, and it's about 6 min long... Tried recording my voice, but it seems to have stopped recording after 2:46...



how many times did you try?
how much free hard drive space do you have?
what version of videoscribe are you using?

I don't know of a limit in videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mile, thanks for the quick reply. My scribe is lengthy- 6 min- and even though it looked to be recording the whole voice over... It would cut out while watching and listening together at approx. 4 min., give or take . I tried Audacity, and that seemed to work . I know scribes are meant to be short and sweet, so that's why I asked if there was a time limit that I was unaware of.. I'll use Audacity for now on though/ easy! Thanks, Jill

Hi Jill,

As Mike says there is no limit.

If you could Save your scribe online and let us know the name we can try and replicate the problem here.


I recorded the voiceover on my phone in advance (as recommended in the tutorial) and saved it as an MP3. I'm around the 4 minute mark of my presentation and the audio cut out when I try to preview it. I've saved it to my cloud if you can help me out.


Hi Scott,

How long is the scribe? How long is the MP3 file. The voiceover will cut out automatically at the end of the visuals.

Have the same problem - have a scribe that is just over 6 mins long. Am recording the voice-over in videoscribe and I lose the last 30 seconds of it.  I have set the last element on the last scene to pause for 50 seconds but maybe it cuts out after the last animation is complete so I lose the 50 second pause. Does the voice-over cut out after the last element is animated?

If so should really cut-out after the last elements pause - but will try a work around by adding a dummy scene at the end to keep the voice over going

(barring bugs or other problems) videoscribe waits for the pauses to finish before cutting off the audio.

However depending on what version you are using, there are a couple of bugs if an element has an animation time of zero, that might make videoscribe ignore the pauses.

with version 2.3.6 I think the bug only happens with a text element. the workaround is to change the animation time from zero to .1 seconds.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Strange..I had a non-zero animation time on the last element and 60 seconds of pause for the voice over. Got around it by adding another scene with an "authored and produced by" text element. With the extra scene the previous scene's audio worked fine.


hard to guess what else the problem might have been, without seeing the actual scribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike - thanks for your swift reply - if I run into the problem again I will publish the problem scribe - but have now fixed it.

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