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Drawings "ghost" images?

I started a new scribe and instead of drawing what's on the screen, the hand is redrawing images from previous slides, The final images id OK - eventually - but obviously something wrong. I've saved and resaved the VGA - not sure whats's up.  Thanks,


1) what version of videoscribe are you using?
2) are you talking about preview playback or the rendered video?
3) the term VGA is something unrelated to videoscribes. do you mean that you saved your scribe with a new name? or something else?

4) you may want to save your video on youtube and provide a link, or attach your scribe here, or save a copy online and tell support the name of it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I'm using a new version - but not 2.0. The problem happened while preview playback of  a new  Videoscribe I'm creating. The hand would start off by drawing  - but nothing would be there . It was actually drawing the the previous frame - though no markes - very hard to explain I guess. When the frame was finally finished drawing - it looked OK - but obviously wouldn't work because the hand spent most of time drawing objects that weren't appearing.  This happened on all the frames(6).

I think the problem was I created all the art in .AI on different layers, then hid the layers and saved as a .SVG. It may seem like a bad idea but I thought it was how I've done previous scribes - won't do it again. 

I solved the problem by creating a new .AI file and cutting/pasting the saving with none of the options checked - then saving again as .SVG

Hi Scott,

So am I right in thinking that your scribe is now all good?


Yes Andy - I think I'm good now. Thanks.

This is just a guess, but I bet that  for the previous SVG you had multiple elements in the same AI file and you just made some of them invisible or changed their opacity to zero before saving as an SVG. The videoscribe hand would still "draw" the invisible elements embedded in the SVG.

Be sure to delete any hidden or unused layers before saving as an SVG. This will also reduce the file size of the SVG and help videoscribe to run more smoothly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I'm pretty sure that's what happened as well. I tried re-saving - cutting/pasting etc and it finally worked. It took me awhile but all set now. Thanks everyone.


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