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Fade out image or text


Is it possible to fade an image or text out? Say, I have the camera zoomed on a scribe of text, then on the un-zoom I would like the text to fade in order to keep my canvas as clean as possible.


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I never done it, but this is how I would do it.

Start out with your element visibility at 100%

Duplicate the element and change both elements to a lower visibility percentage -- i.e. 80%

Duplicate again, now change ALL elements visibility to 60%

And so on

You may want to add pauses in-between the fades.

Another option would be to use the sketch out image (libraries -> Shapes -> blank white looking cloudish thing) to overwrite your previous image or text. If you set the draw or move in time to 0 it would instantly appear. Or you can morph it in for a kind of cool effect. Not the same as a true fade out, but same goal perhaps?

Zooming takes a lot of memory, and depending on the length of your video zooming may cause lag problems.

VideoScribe needs a "Fade" feature.

 SPARKOL NEEDS A FADE FEATURE!!!  I am getting this request from my client and the above answers do not accomplish the task. No gradual fading just a quick blank-out, no matter what kind of morph effects I try.

Already raised as a feature request but give it a vote... the more support it gets the more we are likely to implement it! 

I agree, transition fade would be a nice improvement. I'm a newbie and I'm looking to do a transition fade from one image to another. 

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