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Zoom and Fit-to-Canvas

I'm new to scribe and working on a project. At the beginning an image icon is drawn then the title is scribed (to the right) all while zooming in. Then, it zooms out so that the title is at the top of the canvas. 

Q: An image that is to the left of the title is cut off when the title is being scribed.  How can I prevent this?

Next, a rectangle is drawn below the img icon and title to act like a border. The rectangle is drawn centered but then shifted to different sides. 

When items are scribed inside this rectangle, the camera shifts around the rectangle

Q: Is there way to have the camera position completely fixed for the scribe so that the only zoom is during the img icon and title scribe?


Hi Jake,

By default VideoScribe will try and fill the screen with each image/text which is what I think you are describing.

What you need to do is set the camera for each element and this is covered in the second tutorial here

You can select multiple items and set the camera position for them all at the same time or if you prefer you can set the camera for individual elements but there is no global camera setting for the whole scribe.


 Thanks, Andy.

I couldn't find any tutorials for V2 earlier. This helps a lot!

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