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Feature request - neater scribble

The current scribble used to erase objects is too irregular to use to "remove" objects within a scene that are close to others. The result is that either parts of the old object remain, or parts of objects that are meant to persist are erased. A scribble that has smoother, more regular sides would allow for better erasure of "removed" objects.

This is especially important as we must use the scribble for a workaround to the morph bug.


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Agreed. It would be useful to have "vertical" and "side-to-side" scribbles, (and possibly diagonal ones?) so that they could be arranged to delete objects cleanly.

Have a variety of scribbles, including ones "shaped" as squares, rectangles, triangles and circles would allow us to choose one that was most likely to cover up/erase our objects.

These are fairly easy to create yourself and export as svgs. Depending on which software you use, but all you need to do is draw it how you want the line, then export as svg. It will the cover the previous image you have it behind and then you can have any scribble effect you want :)

I also thought that it was something complicated with the scribble but it really is just lines that have been saved as a svg. Hope it helps and have a great day!

Hi Benny,

Yes - I get that, however, many people that buy an application like this want an OOTB solution. I have Inkscape, (and I also have an illustrator...), however, I believe that a pre-bought application like this should provide solutions that cover all eventualities. The current scribble is great, but a few slight augmentations would complete it - IMHO.

I'm with Bruce: especially since using the scribble is a kluge to work around getting the object to disappear, which should be accomplished via a morph, rather than taking the time to craft a scribble, layer it correctly, etc., etc., this would be a good thing for Sparkol to provide.

Even if we had a "fade out" option, I would still like to have a few scribble options, all in the same style / look and feel. Visually they add a bit of "fun", (and I am really talking about the white one used to "rub out" images"), but the current single option could do with a few similar playmates.

Makes perfect sense gentlemen :) Thanks for your time...

My pleasure.

To whom do I send the invoice :)

Just send it to Sparkol :) It is there problem after all and not mine...
Will sparkol ever do this and yes it should not be left for the customer of this application to put  this right as soon we will be asked to design big changes to Sparkol - Of course I joke, but look at Inkscape a brilliant bit of software and its FREE


There are currently 2 scribble out shapes on VideoScribe scribe the original and a square shaped  scribble out (please see attached).

If you have a specific shaped SVG you want to use, you can import it, change it to silhouette via the image properties, change the colour to match the canvas colour and cover the image.

Thanks,, but which square one - I can only see those square shapes with a outline border

I must be totally thick as have produced a square svg imported it, changed it to silhouette and changed colour, but all I get is the rubber drawing a square


have saved the scribe to the cloud as Derek Fitch


Hi Derek, please could you send this request in via a support ticket as this Idea request seems to be going a bit off topic.

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