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Access to image Library

 In version 1 I was able to see all of the library folders in a single window

Furthermore I was able to see all of the image content within a folder in a single window.

As a professional using Video Scribe productivity is very important.

In version 2 firstly the library has to load up each time which is slow.

Secondly, I can only see a small window with a hand full of files.

Again as a profession service provider I have dual large screens - just like most of my contemporaries. But version 2 appears to restrict me to a single tiny interface to search through the library of svg images.

I recognize that all of the images I have used will appear in a window,

My Question is how do I get to a similar efficient file and content view where I can leverage the full screen to quickly scan for the right image in the video scribe library.

Hi David,

There is a post in Ideas and Feature Requests about the load up time and I see that you have commented on it.

With the small window - I think it would be good if you logged that as a new Idea in the Ideas and Feature Requests section.



I agree.  The image preview process in Videoscribe is limiting and slow... a bloat on an otherwise nice product.  I want to be able to scan dozens of images across many folders rapidly to enable my brain to be creative.  Instead I'm click/wait limited in my process.  I'd suggest looking at Google Images or even any Adobe product for a much better way to enable your users to work with images.

1. It takes time to load up front while that bar crawls across the bottom... EVERY time.
2. The library window size is small... you could easily make it bigger or expandable so that I could scan 3x as many images
3. Make the right arrow and left arrows work so I don't have to precisely click on a very precise dot to go to the next page.  Page up/down woudl be recommended too.

4. Make swipes work for those of us with touchscreens... it's only been the norm for 4 years now!

5. Put the name of the folder I'm in at the top  (duh)

6. Don't put the back-folder button only on the first dot-page.  When I'm on page 5 and want to go up to my folder menu, it's easy to forget...and remember unlike you, some of us marketers, don't spend all day learning/in this thing.  We use it once every month or two.  So we have to re-remember these pain-in-the ass basic oversights.

7. Make the folders have a mini-visual of some of what's in the folder. (Windows did this 15 years ago, eh?)

8. Give us a hover draw-preview so we don't have to actually load the thing to see it.

9. If some are chargable, put a, $ $$ or $$$ icon on the ones that cost something so we can scan for free first and then choose to buy when WE are ready and have exhausted other options.

This product is a Ferrari with a flat tire.  Seriously... it's a GREAT product that is seriously hampered by this basic UI stuff that the world's known for years!  Give us a library we can USE and be PRODUCTIVE with!

I very much agree with the previous comments. Having larger icons to preview the image would help a lot. Will this be updated any time soon? I see that the first comment on this was 3 years ago.

Videoscribe version 3 (still being beta tested)  is available for download on your account page:

Changes have been made to the file system and various other things.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Just after using it briefly, the 3.0.1 version does seem better and runs MUCH more smoothly. Thank you for this improvement!!! If I may, however, provide one more suggestion for future development, it would be useful to preview a particular image and then, for example, press the left or right arrow on the keyboard to move to the next image either following or preceding the one that is viewed at the moment. At this point, one needs to exit the preview, right-click on the next image, and select "preview image."Also, I noticed that there is still no preview of GIFs - I assume programming this is more problematic. Again, thank you for further improving the VideoScribe!

Hi Gregory,

Your comments, ideas and suggestions have been passed onto our design and development teams.

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