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Right to left text

When entering text that is going to be written by VideoScribe right to left you currently have to enter the text backwards which is not easy to do.

Could VideoScribe be changed so that when Draw Backwards is selected the text is entered right to left as well?

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I will also like the idea...

Hi Nemrod Kedem,
The current version of videoscribe does what you want. Check the "draw backwards" option on the text properties menu. (( EDIT: this is available in version 2.1. I'm not sure if it is available in version 2.0.3 and older versions. can anyone confirm?))

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Good idea


I have the newest version, and im looking for the "draw backwards" option, for writing Hebrew.

cant find it. 

thank you,


I'm now using version 3.0.9-3, so i don't know about the newest version.

Have you added your text to the canvas and then right-clicked it to view the properties menu?

Once you've added the text to the canvas, open the properties and the tick box is on the drawing options tab

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