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moving picture to front/back

I understand that the timeline is layered, therefore a picture that is added at a later stage will go in front of the pictures that were there first. But how can I change that, so that the pictures that were there first go in front of the later picture. 

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Hi Debbie,

VideoScribe will always draw things in the order they are on the timeline.

You can move the images in the timeline if you click on the thumbnail image it will be highlighted in blue and you can then drag and drop to where you want it to be.



The question was not clear. I drew a bunch of sandwiches, and afterwards, a trashcan. I want the trashcan to be behind the sanwiches, rather than covering them. 

Hi Debbie,

OK I understand now. 

That is not possible in the current version of VideoScribe but you could add it as an Idea for a future version here. Our Development team read these ideas and consider them for future releases.


how do you send back the image so it will not overlap on the first image?

Please refer to the answers already provided in this thread..

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Folks it is a pretty standard and obvious feature with any program that deals with graphics to be able to set the layer position of an object (regardless of sequence position). Locking an object's layer position to the time-line is a fairly obtuse rule and very unusual, seeing that this was raised in 2014 and has not yet been acted upon is a bit disappointing.

As you no doubt have guessed I have just fallen foul of this shortcoming and feel a bit frustrated. grrr


"Our Development team read these ideas and consider them for future releases."

Still no solution?

I have achieved the effect of objects appearing to swap z-index by using the scribble-out (with time set to zero) and then drawing the objects back in with the new order (also with time set to zero).

It can be done outside of Fiverr if you understand how layers work.

For example, attached is a short video clip of me drawing the room behind the dog and man.

I did a training video on Painting for Fiverr community (not sure where it is now -- I don't visit enough to know how this forum works, but I think it is still here)

The concept is the same as the painting video. If you understand that, you can do drawings behind other objects in Video Scribe



behind.mp4 behind.mp4
3.75 MB

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