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Was I mislead

When I tried the trial version it had limited libraries.

I saw in the advert for buying the product that it said pro came with the full library. Which was part of the excitement for me. However, it seems I don't have the full library and I have to pay for collections.

I would appreciate knowing how to access the "full library".



Hi Jon

In version 2 we release the full library even on the trial.  This is a change to version 1 when the trial was restricted to 1000 or so images.

If there is still some advertising around that is misleading on this point please add a link so that we can change it.  The good news is that - even on the trial - you can access and scribe with well over 2'500 images.


How many images are in the full library?


"well over 2'500 images."

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, I am unable to edit font in the trial version I downloaded today



If you are using the ipad app I think there is only one font (I might be mistaken)

If you are using the desktop version, please clarify if you need help to:
1) import a new font
2) add text to a scribe
3) edit a text element that you have already added to a scribe
4) something else (please specify)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, I am unable to increase or decrease the font size and also how do I get a new page?  e.g. within a scribe, I have atleast 4 to 5 screens that I need to project one by one


After you add a text element to your scribe, you can scale it larger or smaller (changing the size of the letters) the same way you scale any other scribe element. click on the element to select it, then click and drag the corner handles of the selected text element to resize it.

You don't get a new page exactly, you just move to an empty space on the canvas (think of this as a whiteboard video on a really huge whiteboard with lots of empty space to fill.  Here are some related threads about moving the camera (or moving the whiteboard around in front of the camera if you prefer to think about it that way):

link 1: How to move the camera or canvas...
link 2: Camera setting tips

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I am impressed with the TAT on ur responses to my questions. Kudos!  I am testing it now and hope it works fine


That made the British in me laugh a little. I believe you mean turn around time but TAT means something very different in the UK

hahahaha, I looked up the meaning..for sure what I meant is Turn Around time!


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