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How Videoscribe works

I would rather videoscribe looked and worked like a typical mac or windows product.

For example, if you double click it takes you to the most likely action. Eg.. double clicking on text opens edit screen. eg If you right click on an object it brings up a menu of actions. Also, I would love the standard toolbar look with basic shortcut keys that I am used to eg ""File Save". A normal "Help About". A normal "help system" - I don't even know if I am running the pro version.

It would be good to have tooltips for everything that appears on the screen.

I am sure I will work things out but it is far more difficult than it could be. I watched the tutorial and functions are all over the place - that is my view. The fact that I different user interface is used in the tutorials does not help at all...

I agree, and some other users have made similar comments.

Fortunately the support staff has answered that the popup help tags/tooltips will be added back in (they are available in the previous version 1.3.26) 

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Jonathon

It sounds like you've watched the old tutorials: please do take a look here:

Also find the update released today, with tool tips, here -

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