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Undo facility

Where is the undo facility?

I believe that you can press the ctrl+z keys on your keyboard to undo multiple recent changes one at a time.

(version 2.0 and possibly other versions of videoscribe)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


what about undoing a change to the project?  Like if you accidentally click on the background and shifted your whole project, or accidentally deleted a scribe?

Hi Joe,

any changes you make to your scribe while a scribe is open and being edited can be undone with ctrl+z. Unfortunately, if you delete a whole scribe file from the home window you are not able to recover this file.

Hi there,

I'd also like an undo facility: I tries the ctrl+z but it didn't seem to do anything.

Quite often you need to jump right into the middle of a scribe and are not working at the end of it (if you see what I mean)... so I don't know if that was I couldn't get the ctrl+z to work (we're using a PC, not Mac, by the way; version 'ver 2.0.2 / 2 / 20202').



Can't tell you how many times I try to drag a text box only to select the background image and end up moving that by mistake.  Frustrating there is no undo.

Hi Gareth/ Joe,

Using the ctrl+Z function should undo various changes you make in your scribe (such as moving an element on your canvas) but it won't undo dragging the canvas or deleting an element. If you would like to see this feature updated in the future you could post a suggestion in the ideas and feature requests section of our website.

It's not my intention to be rude here, but if several members agree on a missing feature, I would assume the company would take it upon themselves to make a personal note to "add it to the list", not to have their customers do their work for them.

Your software is amazing.  I've purchased 6 months worth.  I would love to buy the lifetime and be done with it. But there are some pretty big flaws with your software and you charge a premium price for it.  I see several employees posting the same blanket statements and answers that don't really answer the questions.  And few updates that don't fix a lot of the problems.

Hi Joe,

thanks for your reply.

When we get suggestions for ways to improve VideoScribe we do tend to direct people to the ideas and feature requests section- this is because this is where our development team look when trying to gauge which issues are most important to VideoScribe users (also other users can vote for the suggestions they really want implemented when they are posted there). Using a forum format for registering ideas and requests also enables our development team to interact directly with users. I probably should have explained this in my previous post to give the context for my suggestion, apologies that I didn't!

All the best.

CTRL-Z really only seems to cover scaling or rotating an individual object. It doesn't appear to affect changes made to multiple objects at once, moving an object or any of the other actions explained in this thread.

So the function is of VERY limited value, and I don't recommend relying on it for anything. Instead, I recommend saving, saving and then saving again. Especially given the quirky and non-intuitive nature of many VideoScribe functions.

Case in point:

I found out the hard way that I can't simply click and drag an object, because doing so will actually leave the object un-selected and move the background.

Instead, I have to use the two-step process of first clicking the object to select it, then clicking it again and dragging it around the canvas. That one screwed me a few times, since undo has no affect on moving the canvas. 

Always click "set camera" if you have your camera where you want it to be for a certain element.

If your camera position is set and then you accidentally move the camera/canvas, just click the element in the timeline twice to return the camera to its set position.

Then continue dragging things around as desired.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the information and I realize there are always workarounds to overcome product functionality limitations. An undo function that covers more use cases would be a much better option though.  

OK, so I just discovered that none of my keyboard functions are working, which seems to be a problem first discussed here:

Tried all of the proposed solutions, to no effect.  

So maybe the undo key does more than I think, since none of my keyboard shortcuts work, or can be restored.

Really great program you have here Sparkol. And in case you missed it, that statement is dripping with sarcasm. 

I know this isn't the thread for keyboard issues, but I I feel I need to write back and say that, although multiples restarts of my PC didn't clear up the problem, shutting down and restarting seems to have restored the keyboard functionality. 

Still no idea why it happened int he first place, and I'm still frustrated with the application.

If you save your scribe online and tell support the name of it, support may be able to identify the problems that are preventing videoscribe from working properly. Also mention your operating system.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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