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insert an element in the midle of a scribe timeline


i  finished a scribe and then wanted to edit it an enter another element in the middle. what is the best way to do it ? does all camera position stay in place ? how can i group all elements without messing thing ?



In version 2.0:
1) to move an element in the thumbnail tray, click the element thumbnail once to select the element. Then click and drag the thumbnail to a different position in the thumbnail tray and release it.
(there have been reports of some people having problems with this drag and drop process when moving past the edges of the screen or after the scribe has been open for a long time, but the precise reasons for the problems have not been determined yet.)

2) you should control your camera position by placing the camera where you want it and clicking the SET CAMERA icon (looks like a videocamera with a check mark on it) each time you add an element.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


...just to add to that.

  1. To add an element in the middle of the scribe, click on the preceding element then open the Add Image or Add Text dialogue as required.  The image/text will appear after the chosen element.

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