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I've been saving directly to my hard drive, everything has been opening fine. My last project i saved to my hard drive as well… however while working i made the mistake of copying several images to place at the end of the timeline and it totally screwed up the order of everything in the timeline… so , since VIDEO SCRIBE doesn't have an "UNDO" feature after 20 years of computer evolution… I closed the project to reopen it at the last point in which I saved it… intentionally not choosing to save it at this point because i didn't want to save the timeline as is, but was hoping to open the project at the point in which I last saved it, right before i did the copy and paste… 

HOWEVER…. although the project shows up on my hard drive, it opens to the default page with my project no where in site.  I haven't been saving to the "DEFAULT" VideoScribe Folder, as it seems to be a redundancy and would only take up additional space… hmm... i have "Wanked the dog" as they say?

Thoughts? Repairs? Fixes?  if you say "42" it still won't solve my problem nor the hours I've wasted on a project I will never get back… 




Can you clarify the statements "I've been saving directly to my hard drive" and  "I haven't been saving to the "DEFAULT" VideoScribe Folder" ?

 "saving to your hard drive" and "saving to the default folder (which is on your hard drive)" sound like the same thing to me.

I'm not sure, but maybe you have only been exporting videos and not actually saving the scribe work file?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


if you can screenshot or describe  ". although the project shows up on my hard drive"  that may help us...

if when i check my project 3 days ago it was still exist but now it was lost and just white screen there. what should i do?

Hi Rizka,

Sorry that you have this issue. Please could you raise a support ticket and we will look into this for you. If you could send us in your support log that would be very helpful and let us know that you have done this in the ticket. I have attached a video here that shows you how to do this. Also, please let us know the name of the scribe that this has happened to and the time and date that it happened in the support ticket.

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