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morph text (VS-2410)

Hi, I'm trying to morph from an image to text, I set up the morph as i would image to image but the text never shows, am i doing something wrong or is it not possible to morph text?


Hi Lee

VideoScribe does not morph to text at this time.

You can do it though.  With the help of another program you simply turn your text into an image: the viewer sees no difference, but you get to use the morph!

Here's some advise on how to do it in Inkscape, a free vector editing program:

Thanks Ian, much appreciated

Ian, your link goes to the wrong place

I think that is the correct link. The 9 steps at the bottom seem to be the important part.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I'm trying to morph text to text so that the same word would grow, just realized it's impossible seeing this thread - could be extremely helpful  if videoscribe added that feature - thanks!

I'll move this forum post from the 'question and answers' section to the 'ideas and feature request' section so people can 'like' the original idea to vote for it.

Thanks :)

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