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I've had huge problems rendering a scribe. It freezes at all the morphing points and I've had to take them out.  I've finally got it to render as a ppt - it's taken an hour - and it's crashed on the very last bit!

Can anyone help????  I'm giving a presentation on Sunday and I need to get it done asap,

Hi Bella,

Sorry to hear that.

We have identified, and are working on a fix for, a problem with rendering when you have a morph where the morph time is set to zero.

If it is crashing when you publish then we would suggest rendering to a mov file or a flv file as there are some issues with wmv rendering for some, but not many, users. Also, before you render I would suggest saving your scribe with a new name, closing and opening VideoScribe and then publishing to your hard drive.



It's crashing in most formats but I am trying to publish it to powerpoint.  Are there any quick fixes i can try?

Hi Bella,

The Powerpoint Publish option uses wmv which is where we are seeing most of the problems. 

What resolution are you trying to publish at? Is your scribe a large scribe with lots of imported images?


I'm not sure, I'm just giving it another try. it's taking a long time - currently 55 minutes remaining. 

Hi Bella,

When the render gets to the end where it says that it has a few seconds to go and it appears to stop it is writing the file to disk so try leaving it for a while and see if it completes.

If that doesn't publish then please raise a support question and then Save your scribe online and let us know the name in the support question and we can take a look.


Hi Andy,

Would you be able to assist with my video scribe? It is saved online. I have changed my "morph" options to "draw" or "move in" options but it is still not rendering. It will get the point of "Making PowerPoint pptx file" but then freeze. I waited 1 hour to see if just maaaybe it would work. Sadly, no luck.

Thank you,


Hi Kidada

I've had a look at your scribe and don't see any morphing set to zero so our best advise right now is

-use MOV if you can, set to 720.

-just before you're ready to render save your work, restart your machine and then make rendering the first thing you do.

I hope that helps

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