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Time taken to add a new image

When you click on add an image and select the library icon VideoScribe takes a while to build the list of folders.

If you then select an image and want to add another image VideoScribe goes through the building folder list again. If you are trying to add lots of images this slows you down.

Could VideoScribe just do this once per session to speed my workflow up?

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Why couldn't we just have all of the libraries maintained locally as well as in the cloud.
Could we also use the systems native explorer to search for files so that you can leverage the full power of your system, for example large screens and dual monitors.


It went much swifter in the previous version... why can't it be the 'old' way?

Agreed ... make it an option to load from the cloud, or get rid of the cloud option, as in it's current state it is absolutely HORRIBLE.  And I have an extremely fast connection.

Agree with above comments. How come there has been no response from Sparkol staff on this matter as it was posted 3 months ago. :(

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