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One of the problems with this forum is you have to sort through a number of posts to find the ones related to 2.0.

I was wondering if the folks at Sparkol could give us an update on any found problems/bugs with  2.0.

Why? In the short time using 2.0 I'm not sure if a problem I'm having is related to a bug or if I'm just doing something wrong.


Before I go I will make my usual pitch to make this community a true bulletin board where you can have forums on different topics. How I would love to see a bulletin board with forum topics making it easier to find what you are looking for. 

Bulletin Board

-- Forum -- Version 1.0

-- Forum -- Version 2.0

-- Forum -- Illustrator Tips for VS

-- Forum -- Inkscape Tips for VS

-- Forum -- and so on

Even the forums on version 1.0 and version 2.0 could have sub forums for more topics -- i.e. found bugs - tips and short cut keys - etc.

As the community is laid out now, it is a pain to find things you are looking for.

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I second this one with organised bulletin boards...


Hi Dan, a good idea so I have added it to the Ideas and Feature request community page.

Thanks, Joe

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Version 2 has bugs and missing features. Sparkol employees have posted workarounds and commitments for when some will be fixed. PLEASE COLLECT THESE AND PUT THEM IN A STICKY POST AT THE TOP OF THE HELP PAGE. The post "Where have my ideas gone?" appears to be sticky, so this should be possible. This would save everybody much time. 

This information should also go in the release notes. 

please add font turkish. Əə  Ğğ Iı Şş Çç not supported

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