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Straight Line Appears too Big, Disappears when too Small


I have two issues regarding the behavior of straight lines in VS.

First, when I import a straight line it appears far too big to fit on the screen. When importing any other image the entirety of the image fits on the visible screen.

Second, when re-sizing a straight line to be very small ( ~1/8 of the visible screen ) the line disappears from view (See image below of black line re-sized). When the line is drawn during playback it will draw and then disappear. Again, all other images can be re-sized without this faulty behavior.

Are there any workarounds for these issues? Thanks


Any SVG or other elements that are very wide but not very tall will import too large to fit on the visible canvas. I believe that it is a result of the algorithm that videoscribe uses to determine the scale of imported items.

This thread provides one workaround that relieves both symptoms:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you, Mike. However, how about the more detrimental issue of images disappearing when shrunk?

The disappearing symptom is a direct result of the oversizing symptom. Fortunately, as stated above, the workaround fixes both symptoms.

(I should probably mention that the vertical version of the image will import at a smaller size instead of too large.  You can then scale the element larger. )

If you feel that your vertical version is too small, Rotate the horizontal element to a 45 degree angle in illustrator or inkscape instead of making them perfectly vertical, and then save the SVG.  When you import a 45 degree angle line into videoscribe, the size will be "medium" (smaller than the horizontal import but larger than the vertical import.)

hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


UPDATE:  better solution than the rotation solution mentioned in my previous link:

The solution (pulled from various other threads that I cannot seem to find at the moment) is to increase the height of the image so it imports into videoscribe at a smaller size. Increasing the height can be done various ways using image editing software such as photoshop, gimp, illustrator or inkscape:

1) for a jpg or PNG, you can just increase the canvas height to about  2/3 the measurement of the width. Use a white or transparent background so your red line still looks the same. PNG with a transparent background may be preferable in some cases, to avoid covering up adjacent images in your project.

2) for an SVG, you can add an ellipse with a zero opacity fill and no stroke over or under your line. Position the center of your ellipse approximately at the center of your line. The height of your ellipse should probably be at least 2/3 the width of the line. if desired you could make the ellipse so large that the line is completely within the ellipse.

(be sure to delete the old image from your videoscribe project, then import the new one)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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