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Option to disable/replace VideoScribe logo from PowerPoint export


When you export a scribe directly to PowerPoint, the VideoScribe logo is included as the first "frame" in the slide/video. It effectively is a title image for the/each PowerPoint slide sources from VideoScribe. As a future enhancement, please consider enabling the ability to disable or replace the logo.  An ideal solution for VideoScribe is to enable the user to set an image, graphic or text (or combination of text and image) as the "title" frame/slide for each PowerPoint export. The attached screen capture from PowerPoint shows how a presentation looks with two exports from VideoScribe.

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In my opinion, this is more a bug than a feature request: Pro users should get random branding added to videos. Has this been changed or does anyone know a way around this? At the moment I'm trimming the first frame of my output in Keynote - it's pretty annoying.

Hi Joel,

There was a previous post discussing this with the process on how to remove the first frame from a Powerpoint presentation.

An alternative available to Pro users would be to render the video and insert it into a pptx file once it has published.

Yes, there was an excellent solution posted by Ian Howlett,  I am copying a slightly edited version here:

1) Open the presentation in PowerPoint

2) Click the video area in the main window to select it ("Video Tools" appear in the PPT ribbon bar)

3) Select "Format" under Video Tools

4) Select "Poster Frame" and choose one of the following:

  • Current Frame (first play the video to an appropriate spot then choose this option to make that spot your thumbnail)
  • Choose from file. (select an image of your own)
  • Reset (uses the first frame of the video)

Of course, an easier solution would be a function in VideoScribe to disable the logo in the first frame.


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