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Requesting new feature - add hyperlink in video

It would be really helpful if you people add the HYPERLINK option in videoscribe . 

30 people like this idea

 YES!  I could really, really use this on every video at the end.  For more information on X, go to this OTHER videoscribe I already produced. :)

Yes, looking at videoscribe for my business - the ability to link (back to website, product order forms etc.) will be essential: and having to re-edit the video in a different editor to achieve this will be a pain.

YES YES YES -- this is a must feature... I want to use my VideoScribe to get viewers to sign-up for a particular volunteer activity. I have a sign-up site that I would love to be able to just say "Click Here" to Join at the end of the video...  It sure seems like there is enough interest in this feature to warrant the necessary design dev time to get it done.... please : ) 

Hi posters, thanks for your feedback regarding this feature request.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform this action from VideoScribe as the Hyperlinks would need to be added post processing to the rendered video.

There are various methods for adding clickable links to videos once they are uploaded through online video players (YouTube has the most popular method by using annotations) directing the viewer to a website or video, or by adding links into your embedded videos.

However, these actions can only be performed once the video has been rendered, not beforehand.

Thanks again for you support on this, please be sure to keep adding your requests!

You need to add links to these videos, it's a no brainier, otherwise the software has little to no purpose. Stop making excuses and get on and do it.

Excuses? Ok Bob Jones, so which video format allows for embedded links? Links have nothing to do with the video itself, but the PLAYER that plays it. You can use Youtube Annotations for links in youtube hosted videos.

This would be a major improvement to VideoScribe. Hyperlinks are really central to driving interactivity, and having to add them separately for each platform is a real pain. Please add the capability of adding hyperlinks!



As Jay said several months back this is not something that will be provided via VideoScribe. Hyperlinks can only be added after a video file is created and as such it is not something we are going to be building into VideoScribe and you would need to do this with a specialist post production video editor. 

Any recommendation on how to establish a navigation question that will result in the viewer choosing from two "paths?  I was going to use a link to two separate Sparkol files based upon their response to a question.



hyperlink would be very appreciated!

Hi Steve, apologies you were not responded to.

If you would like to crate an interactive presentation, I suggest doing this in Powerpoint (or any similar program) and linking the slides together.

This way the scribe video file can be played on a slide when a user links to the particular slide.

Sandra, unfortunately there is no way to insert a hyperlink into a video pre-render.

Please see my previous message to this regarding this.

Thank you Jonny, I used Camtasia to wrap the video and include a link.  -  Steve

I am making a promotional video I want to email, and would love to be able to put a clickable link at the end so people can click it and go to my website.

Probably the simplest method:

1) upload the video to youtube.
2) add your link using youtube's tools.
3) include a clickable picture of the video as a link which opens youtube

You can google search tutorials for each of these topics and they can all be done without any additional software using a regular personal computer and most standard email applications like Outlook.


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Would love it if Video Scribe could include a Hyperlink option! Everything makes VideoScribe so easy to use so having this feature would make things just that much easier. 

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