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Requesting new feature - add hyperlink in video

It would be really helpful if you people add the HYPERLINK option in videoscribe . 

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Only just started looking into some animated promotional videos and Videoscribe seems fantastic. However, I think this feature may perhaps make it even more likely that the consumer will click on a link. 

Appears both Powtoons and GoAnimate have the ability to add hyperlinks but they are pricier too.

Thanks Sparkol for a great product. Still on my 7 day trial and having some fun so far.

I second this idea...

I have purchased a year long subscription and use sparkol as an interesting aid for presentations. As a teacher I 

have serious needs for my students to get extra information at the end of my clip made on video scribe.  Please consider doing this soon.  

Love this product... Help make it that much more incredible.  

Although I'm new to VideoScribe, I'm not new to video players. Embedded links are a feature of the player and not the video itself.

The mov, mp4,avi video standards for example don't have the ability to have embedded links.

When importing to Youtube, within their annotations area, you have the ability to add links. If you have a custom player ie flash/html5 that is where you can embed links.

I take it that the provided examples have their own embedded video player that they are using.

You might be able to take advantage of Mozilla's Popcorn player for embedding videos directly into your website, with additional interactive features.

If hyperlinks is possible, It would be great!! I'm a Pro Subscriber and using VideoScribe Since December 2014. I'm making logo intros for clients and if Hyperlinks is possible, It would be a huge development for me. Thanks!

I've just made a video of a book I'm about to publish and would need a clickable link to my blog at the end of it. Would be great to be able to do it here, and not use some other service provider.

Speaking of which: is there a link to where they would teach how to add such a link on youtube, for example?

In order to have links, you will need an embeddable player. Does VideoScribe provide an embeddable player? If not, you will have to find one, there are tons.

Mozilla Popcorn.Js provides one (but no longer offers an online builder so it is programming only).

For Youtube, look up ANNOTATIONS WITH LINKS.
YES This feature would be very helpful !!


I was evaluating videoscribe for this feature, I landed up this post...  It is a must feature for me. please suggest a way to incorporate it.


Yes, please, this would be fantastic!

+1 on the feature to simply add the ability to hyperlink to a web page

I would love this feature too!


Would be a great added feature.

Don't forget to like the original post if you want this added! I've made the product manager aware this one is getting a lot of attention at the moment

This feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-3332 and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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