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You Tube claims rights on music database


I made a videoscribe with Music form your Music database. You Tube claims that i have violated the rights of the author


"The London Artist Development Programme - Become A LAD!", geluidsopname beheerd door:

Base79 Music 2 (Base79/21)


The Music was in a videoscribe SpijkerQuiz3 online.


Tell me wath i can do to prevent this in the future

Hi C.J

I took a look in your scribe and the soundtrack is not from our library - it is an imported mp3 file named as 117_full_fantasy_0145.mp3

All of our music is royalty free and you shouldn't get these issues if you use a soundtrack from our library or get royalty free mp3's from the internet.

The following link explains more about copyright issues Copyright



I have received an identical alert from You Tube and I definitely used music from your Library. Please assure me it is not a Copyright infringement!!! Here is The You Tube Link

Also refer attached screenshot of the You Tube alert/message 

This happen to me as well. I solved it by replacing the music with music from youtube but I must admit, it was a bit by surprise.


Hi Malcolm.

YouTube copyright claims can be pretty annoying.  If you're set on that music (and there's no reason why you shouldn't be) then you can find a link inside the link above which details how to dispute the claim on YouTube.

Sometimes the claims seem a bit arbitrary: it's invariably not a real person who has made the claim, but an algarithm inside YouTube that thinks it sounds similar: drawing the issue to the attention of a real person will resolve it.

Hi Ian -are you a User or an Employee of VideoScribe? with respect I do not think it is my job to challenge YouTube. This is the Developers role as the Tool states the Music is Copyright free. I use it in good faith based on that advice.


Also I dont see the linke above you refer to?





Hi Malcolm

I'm writing to you from the VideoScribe support desk.

Here's the link copied down here again..." Copyright "

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.  The pages behind that link are us confirming that the music inside VideoScribe is ours, or licensed to us, and we licence you to use it, royalty free, in the videos you make.

At this time we do not have an agreement with YouTube regarding our music. We have not issued a take-down notice and no-one has a legitimate claim to ask you to take our music down.   From time to time, however, the music is mistaken for something which does have restrictions inside YouTube.  This is why you received the notification.

I hope this makes sense to you. We are looking into what else we can do to make life easier for uploaders.  What we do right now is provide evidence for you to use such that, if you have used our music but get a copyright notice, you can show that you are licensed to use the music.

Thank you for the clarity Ian

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