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Disabling inclusion of VideoScribe logo when exporting to PowerPoint

When you export a scribe directly to PowerPoint, the VideoScribe logo is included as the first "frame" in the slide/video. It effectively is a title image for the PowerPoint slide. Is there a way to suppress the logo from the export? The workaround is to export to a MOV file (which doesn't include the VS logo) and then import that video into PowerPoint.  But that's extra steps. Much easier/faster to export to PowerPoint using VideoScribe's built-in export capability. However, as is the function effectively makes each slide in a presentation an advertisement for VideoScribe. It's also a visual distraction from the focus of a slide presentation.

Even with a Pro accoun t? Very odd that they would include the logo in that export...

Yes, that's correct. Even with a Pro account export to PowerPoint inserts the VideoScribe logo at the start of every slide, as shown in the screen capture. The ideal option is for VideoScribe to enable the user to set an image or text (or both) as the "title" frame element for the PowerPoint export. Once in PowerPoint, it does not appear that the user can replace or edit this logo.  The logo is located on the starting frame for the video that is inserted into PowerPoint, so you have to go back to the export source to address this issue...which is VideoScribe.


Hi Joel,

There is no way to control this but if you feel that it is a distraction then you could add a post to Ideas and Feature Requests and our development team will consider it.



Thanks Andy.  Yes, I will post a "wish to have" feature request.


I vote for this feature as well.

For further information on this topic:

The VideoScribe logo is inserted as the 'poster frame' in the PowerPoint presentation.  This is a little like the thumbnail that gets displayed when you upload a video.  To change it follow these steps:

-open the presentation in PowerPoint

-click the video area in the main window to select it ('video tools' appear at the top)

-select 'format' under 'Video Tools'

-select 'poster frame' and choose one of the following:

--Current Frame (first play the video to an appropriate spot then choose this option to make that spot your thumbnail)

--choose from file.. (select an image of your own)

--reset (uses the first frame of the video)


Excellent workaround, thanks!  Learned something new regarding embedded videos in PowerPoint. I never really used it for videos (but see potential with VideoScribe)  PPT certainly is packed with some powerful tools.  I use it to create custom, 3D arrows and other graphic shapes and objects.  Much faster than using Adobe Illustrator or a photo app.  Secret to custom shapes and objects is the "Edit Points" function.


Thanks for this (2 years into the future). So that worked, however, when I play the PowerPoint in presentation mode I get this page before each scribe begins... which I don't want. I'd like to be able to click to advance to the next slide/scribe and the scribe begin to play. Does anyone know how to make this happen?

Thank you!


How to export video in dropbox
Videoscribe does not have an option to export videos directly to dropbox.  Videoscribe users can export to facebook, and youtube. Pro users can export videos to their computers and then upload to dropbox through a web browser or using the dropbox application.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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