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Set Camera... AUTOMATICALLY upon import (default zoom) (RR-584)


My suggestion is that when a new element is imported into videoscribe, wherever the camera is positioned at the time of import, videoscribe should automatically set THAT as the camera position for the element, so:

1) the camera will remain where it was last placed. instead of unexpectedly jumping to a position that the user did not choose when they click an element or thumbnail.

2) if a user is trying to place multiple element on the canvas without moving the camera.. the camera will already be set to the correct location and they can just position and resize the elements.

3) if a user moves the camera where they want it to be for the next element, and then import the element, the camera will automatically be set correctly without the need for additional clicks.

4) the heartbreak of AZS (accidental zoom syndrome) will not cause as many scribes to freeze, crash or fail to render.

Members should still be able to manually set the camera as well, of course.

(Currently, when a new image is imported into videoscribe, the camera zoom does not change at first. The image imports at about 1/3 the height of the visible canvas area... but then if you click the already selected new element the camera automatically zooms in to a higher magnification.)

For users who are unfamiliar with videoscribe, the result is unexpected camera movement to a location that they did not choose... In some cases the zoom is compounded with each new element until the final element is zoomed in over 2000% percent. resulting in rendering problems or crashes.

Please feel free to post comments below or let me know if I didn't explain this clearly or if it is not a desirable change :)

-Mike (videoscribe cowboy)

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This would save me LOADS of time!!!

Hi Mike, a great idea.

We are working on a few feature which will make positioning a lot easier on VideoScribe.

What I think may be a simpler solution is rather than setting a camera position, is setting the scale an item comes in at.

Trying to bring everything in based on a set camera position although sounds simple would complicate VideoScribe a bit.

What I think would be better is that if there was a feature that no matter what you add into Video scribe it has a set proportion or scale so things always come in at the same size and this gives the user freedom to increase/decrease it's size and leaves the camera features the same.

We already have this as a feature request with development and would like to hear your thoughts on having a set scale instead? 

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,
I'm not sure. Would the new scaling method resolve any of the problems mentioned in my original post  such as videoscribe automatically zooming in more and more with each element that is added?

If the new scaling prevents or greatly reduces how much the camera moves "by itself", that would be a nice improvement.


Hi Mike, I will add this to the suggestion e.g. keeps a single set scale and set the camera position to the scale e.g. if you select the item to camera position is as you see it as it is imported onto the canvas.

The zooming in and out should a 1 button of and on.  DONE....

for more control then choose options... 

I am very happy to have been directed to this series of posts from Mike - I have lost countless hours to spinning beachballs and other bizarre behaviours with large scribes. At the moment, I am still not sure I see the solution but Mike has cleared the way to the path to get to one and for that I am very grateful - thanks, Mike!

Yes its an absolute nightmare that the camera zooms automatically without an off button for this effect.It should be a feature that you turn on as needed not off. It makes life unbelievably hard with longer scribes that need continuity. Please fix this as soon as possible because it is in effect a bug or defect in the production system of an otherwise very good product.

if you have an element selected, and you have the camera where you want it to be for that element, you only have to click the "set camera" icon in the lower right corner (to save the camera settings for that element).

if you feel like the camera is out of control, it might be a good habit to click "set camera" immediately after importing each image.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I'm with Mark.  I'm only using the a font to say thanks at the end of a course.  The camera automatically zoom to 300+%.  When I export it to another program, it blows the printing off the edges of the screen.  I've been wrestling with this for 2 hours just today.  An on/off button for the automatic zoom would be great. 

See the article Use zoom and set the camera for instructions on how to remove the zoom at end (the instructions for this are near the bottom of the article).

Just thought I would let you know that we have moved this feature to a status of planned today and it has been included in the early plans for v3.1 of VideoScribe. As usual we cannot guarantee a delivery date as we still need to develop it but we will commence work on this feature shortly.

Thanks Barry!


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