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Help Need for videoscribe version 2

By default i can't find any option to zoom out/ zoom in at the end of my new created scribe . Please let me know how to turn it on/off as it used to be in older version of scribe . 

Preview your scribe using the preview button in the upper-right corner. While the preview is playing, you will see a "Zoom at End" check box in the lower-right corner. Click it.

This seems like a bad place to hide the check box. Not sure where the right place is though.

Thanks for the Help, cheers . 
Obviously its a bad place to hide the check box, the best one was in the saving panel .

We didn't know where to put it either!

The change from version 1 is that there is now one tick box for both the preview and the rendering.  We feel that's an improvement however it did mean we wanted to move it from either of the two previous positions.  So the rendering dialogue box and the general settings box are both out.

Any other ideas gratefully received!

As Many users already said several times , please include the hyperlink option in videoscribe . 

Hi Avirup

Could you explain in more detail what you mean by the 'hyperlink option'



Thanks Andy for getting back . I meant to say , may times we get a script where clients asks to insert a link with there choice of word/link.

Suppose the client asks me to do >

1. A female holding a sign of our company named "Sparkol Videoscribe "

2 . In next step , our website logo appears & beside we want a text " click here to visit our website " in short . A CLICKABLE LINK inside the scribe video

All i want you people should think about this once , where we can have the option to link a image or text with a url of our choice . So that after the final video , when visitors click on that particular frame or part they redirect to the url we input.

Hi Avirup,

You could add that as an Feature request here

Alternatively you might find post production software that would have that feature.

If you google 'How To Add A Link On Your YouTube Video' You will find links to examples of doing this with Youtube


Already requested that feature . And i know how to add that in youtube videos . That's why i mentioned within videoscribe in my last reply . Please make that feature available . Thanks 

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