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Looking for a Videoscribe "trainer" in France


I'm planning a session where a small team of Finance trainers (10 people) would simultaneously work on a short Videoscribe.

The session would go like this : 

1. Demo of VideoScribe (10 min)

2. Brainstom : what would you like to scribe ? (15 min) Only trainers in the team, so should have no pb in finding a topic.

3. Do it  ! (1 hour)

4. Share it ! (15 min)

Obviously, to facilitate such a workshop, I need someone who knows Videoscribe well, and with facilitation skills...

The session is to run on July 10, near Paris. 

Please contact

Hi Chrisotphe,

Sounds interesting, but are you looking for someone already in Paris? Will this be a paid program? Am curious about the details and thanks for your time.

Hi Benny,

Yes, it is paid, of course (as we say in France : "tout travail mérite salaire").
I am not definite about the facilitator already being in Paris, although that would probably be cheaper.
I am happy to discuss directly. This is my phone number, although I'm not in the office today.

Kind regards,


Perfect, sent you a email about it and than ks for your time :)

moved to 'questions and answers' - i hope you don't mind.

also, try here:

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